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Mozilla Firefox for geeks :V

Mozilla Firefox for geeks :V

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Sai Yerni Akhil Madabattula
·Sep 1, 2018·

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Long ago I’ve been a Google fan boy (even now)and an avid user of Google Chrome. But then came the new Mozilla Firefox Quantum. I have a habit of trying every piece of software alternatives and check which ones better and tried out Opera, Avant, Rockmelt (which is pretty old I guess) and even Microsoft’s Edge too. At the beginning there’s a problem moving from a complete Google’s environment to another environment which is completely different. Moving on has been much easy compared to others. There are some reasons why I really loved Firefox -

The new Firefox Quantum is built on Rust programming language, sponsored by Mozilla which means more power to Mozilla in making Firefox more powerful.

I’m into web development for some time and I’ve loved using Firefox’s DevTools which is lightweight when compared to Chrome’s.

A look at Firefox’s DevToolsA look at Firefox’s DevTools

It also had an interesting feature called Firefox Test Pilot which is a beta program for trying out cool new features (I have an unconditional love towards beta testing new products). The test pilot program really awes me.

A look at Firefox Test PilotA look at Firefox Test Pilot

A universal address bar — Yes you’ve heard it right. The address bar is not only limited to your default search engine but also several and you can add your custom search engine

To search using duckduckgo just @duckduckgo and add your search query beside itTo search using duckduckgo just @duckduckgo and add your search query beside it

Built in tracking protection, yeah and its true.

tracking protection is built into the browsertracking protection is built into the browser

Coming to add-ons, I know that, by redesigning Firefox, Mozilla had to dump many add-ons, but believe me — more add-ons are being added.

Built in screenshot tool — for a power user like me taking screenshots has been made easier by tools like ShareX but the Firefox’s screenshot tool is built for webpages.

Take a screenshot of a selective region without having it to be cropped.Take a screenshot of a selective region without having it to be cropped.

There are many other features besides them but I felt these were the cool ones.

This is my first post and I’m getting started. Hope you liked it ❤️

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